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ExxonMobil Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline

TCC / COTCO (ExxonMobil) Chad Cameroon Oil Pipeline 

Dargavel Engineering sub-contracted as Specialist Engineering Support for ‘ORTEC / MW Kellogg’ @ Pumping Station No. 3 Belabo, Cameroon and ‘Kribi’, Doula, Cameroon Pressure Reduction Metering Station.

Dargavel provided support on the construction of the 30’’ diameter pipeline, piping design and constructability reviews  along with materials / welding procedures suitability to ASME B31-3/4/8.

Overseeing the Mechanical testing of typical constructed pipework weldments for post qualification of welding procedures from ASME B31-3 to ASME B31-4 and also ASME B31-8 (Plant Gas Packages).

The project  was delivered on time for first oil distribution. Photo shown is the erection and installation of the Utility Nitrogen Column.

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