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Feasibility Study to Lay Gas Pipelines

Feasibility Study for Surface Lay Gas Pipelines – Additional Margham Gas Injection Laterals Project.

Dargavel Engineering Limited Consultant Engineers undertook the Feasibility Study, in the fulfilment of the DUSUP requirements for new flow lines for gas reinjection and feeding the central processing facilities at Margham.  DUSUP required a study to ascertain the most effective approach of surface laying new flowlines in the desert. The study was completed and accepted within 8 weeks of project award.

This included:

  • Review of As-Built’ drawings and DBM
  • Draft concept replacement alternatives with desk top produced layouts
  • Assess appropriate design codes ASME B31.8/31.3/ alternatives
  • Conduct outline HAZID
  • Outline stress check of alternative configurations
  • Outline CAPEX for each option
  • Assess pros and cons of each alternative and conduct Pairs selection analysis to arrive at preferred alternative
  • Producing the conceptual report defining the preferred scheme option with basic DBM
  • Producing outline CAPEX and execution programme for next stages (FEED)
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