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Project Management Support for a ‘Penspen / Pencol

Dargavel Engineering Limited provide Project Management Support for a ‘Penspen / Pencol 

Bahr Essalam Gas and Condensate field phase II development. Phase II Project

  • Development of the C Central A area and the C East area
  • Upgrade of the Sabratha platform.
  • C East area, two clusters, subsea facilities connected to the existing riser and J-tubes of the Sabratha Offshore Production Platform, Offshore Libya.

NOC Oil Company Libya – Zueitina Oil Company Libya, North Africa, Project Management Support for a ‘Penspen / Pencol’ EPC Project for coastal networks gas gathering, with HP Gas Compressor Station & Pressure Reduction and Metering Station (Siemens GT60 Turbine & STC-SV 10-6-A Gas Compressors).

Facilities. 42” Pipeline to Coastal Networks & LP Gas Compressor Project (Solar Turbines), ensuring the scope of work is achieved in accordance with contract requirements and timeframe, and in compliance with established specifications and standards.

Compressors (Siemens / Solar), Nitrogen Generators Control Systems, Actuated Ball Valves, Fuel-Gas Systems & Metering systems (photo shown), Piping Modules Vendor Package’s.

Pipeline pre-commissioning is the process of proving the ability of a pipeline and piping systems to contain product without leaking. This product may be liquid, gaseous or multiphase hydrocarbons, water, steam, CO2, N2, petrol, aviation fuel etc.

Pre-commissioning is the series of processes carried out on the pipeline before the final product is introduced. The process during which the pipeline is made “live” i.e. the product is put in the pipeline, is called pipeline commissioning or start-up.

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